Looking for an iOS dev Sep 14, 2011

We’re looking for another developer to help out with our latest iPad app idea!

Looking for a developer who has experience in connecting to Facebook, Dropbox, Flikr etc. A huge plus would be someone who has experience caching images. Zaid will be handling most the transitions, animations and will also help with connecting to various sources. We’re looking for an experienced developer to join our team.

Email or use the contact form.


Holitapp Featured again! Jun 30, 2011

Holitapp Canada is featured again, this time as a Great Canadian App. Just a day before Canada Day and guess what it’s free only until Saturday so download it now.

Download Holitapp

Tapp3 Wallpapers Jun 28, 2011

They come in all sizes. Download them for your iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC.

Free: Holitapp Canada & US Jun 28, 2011

In honor of Canada Day & US Independence Day we’re making Holitapp Canada & US free until July 2nd & 5th respectively.

Download these beautiful apps right now and keep track of all your holidays in style:

Holitapp Canada

Holitapp US

Tapp3 Version 3 site live Jun 14, 2011

Just launched the version 3 of We are pretty stoked with it, we hope you guys like it.

Holitapp US Launched Apr 26, 2011

Last night Holitapp US showed up on the app store. Now users from US can use this beautiful app to keep track of their long weekends and holidays. Click here to download Holitapp US now.

Holitapp Featured by Apple Mar 25, 2011

Yes, we are featured! Check the Appstore on your iPhone now and get this handy app. Or download it here.

Holitapp in the New and Noteworthy Mar 7, 2011

It’s official! Tapp3 Media is now famous. Why you ask? Well, we just made the equivalent of front-page news with our very first app release. Holitapp, which we released just a few days ago, has been gathering a lot of attention and is now being featured by Apple™ in the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store. Not bad for a first release, if we do say so ourselves!

We started out designing Holitapp to help remind every Canadian of all of those great, relaxing long-weekends; but it soon turned into something far more interesting and useful. Because Holitapp senses exactly where you are, it reminds you of every holiday specific to that location. It can even display a countdown timer to any of the holidays in its database along with a neat little bit of history about each of them. You can create reminders for birthdays and vacation days, set notifications for specific dates and even share your own user holidays with your friends and family via Facebook or Twitter. So, you can see, it really is a lot more than just a simple reminder app.

And this little app really sums up everything that our team here at Tapp3 Media wants to achieve with our future releases. It’s innovative, useful, beautifully designed and the kind of app that we hope all our clients will continue to use for years to come. You should try it … we are sure you’ll agree with us.

You can purchase Holitapp at the App Store right now. It’s available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

There’s ten billion apps for that!! Feb 11, 2011

Ten Billion!!! That’s how many apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store since it first opened its virtual doors way back in 2008, according to a press release from Apple dated January 22nd.

That’s 10 with nine zeros after it - 10,000,000,000

While it certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the US’s national debt, it certainly is an incredible accomplishment and represents only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, when you factor in the Wall Street Journal’s recent prediction that Apple’s “Revenue is expected to soar 55% to $24.3 billion” in the coming year.

Those figures are certainly impressive, but to us what is more interesting isn’t the number of applications that have been downloaded or the projected profits, but the estimated number of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users that Apple disclosed in the same press release. That figure was 160 million users worldwide.

Think about THAT figure for a second!

Where else can a business find that kind of a captive audience for their product? Short of selling arms to third world countries, we’d be hard pressed to think of any other pool of potential clients that even come close.

This huge base of loyal fans (which will just as assuredly grow) represents a phenomenal business opportunity for anyone who is savvy enough to take advantage of it. In short, there’s never been a better time to turn that application you’ve been thinking about into reality. The market is there and if the last two years are anything to go by, it’s only going to grow in the coming years and Tapp3 Media can help you take full advantage of it.

We’ve got the experience and we have the talent. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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